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I noticed my plantar warts while climbing a ladder to paint my house so I think I caught them early. I read a bunch of remedies and a common theme for a cure seemed to be acid and waterproof bandage.
I used a crushed aspirin mixed with a tiny bit of white vinegar to form a paste that I applied to the plantar warts with a waterproof bandage and waterproof tape and left it on for 24 hours a day. The skin under the bandage turned white like you would expect wet skin to look. After less than a week most of the pain was gone. I kept applying the paste for a week and a half with the skin staying white. Then I left the bandage off and the skin still stayed white where the bandage had been for another half a week. Then that patch of white skin about the size of a quarter fell off like a blister taking the plantar warts with it.
In the past I have used acid drops and freezing kits but this method worked the quickest.
When I was a kid the Dr. would use radiation to take them off. That was the least painful but I don't think they do that any more. They used to use xrays at the shoe store to see if your shoes fit too.

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ACV is the best!


I love the reference to foot xrays to properly fit shoes. It's been some time since I've thought about that, and it made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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