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Before you go to bed, think of anything that you do not want to dream about, i promise you won't!

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I personally don't think that this is the best idea because what you think about falling asleep is what you think about when you finally are asleep.And I
wouldn't want to lay all night trying to fall asleep thinking of all the evil and freaky things in life.


so true!!!!




It's true. And has worked for me ever since I can remember. Try it and you'll see...


This is really true. My friend really wanted to dream about candy so she thought really hard about it while she was trying to sleep, but she never dreamed about it! Then one night she decided to give up and that night she dreamed about candy! It was so ironic and cool!


i, too, find i rarely dream of the things i think of just before going to sleep, which would be good, as i often have very unpleasant thoughts before bed, but i simply dream of OTHER unpleasant things!


i have bad dreams just about every night, my husband says i kick and punch him through out the night because of the dreams. i am very a.d.h.d. so if i lay in bed and try to think of something happy or good, something bad or scarey pops up in my head.. even if i try to not to think about it, it is still in the back of my head which means i still may have bad dreams about what im trying not to think of! guess i have to find another solution :(


Yeah it works if you want to dream about something, when you think about something right before you fall asleep you usually dream about it, I KNOW tha when I think of all the horrible things I don't want to dream about before I fall asleep that I'm going to have the nightmares. Take this from someone who's been struggling with nightmares for as long as I fan remember :/

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