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I have had multiple plantars warts on both feet for almost 10 years. I have had them burned off multiple times and tried every treatment known. I found this website and tried Apple Cider Vinegar, it was smelly, painful and seemed to be killing the warts. I endured the pain for months with the apple cider vinegar treatment while digging them out every few days. I thought it was working..... Wrong, they came back and larger than ever. It seemed like I was only creating more warts with every treatment I tried until 3 months ago when I read a wonderful post. A women talked about her sons warts and using Gorilla Glue. I thought 'why not' I have tried everthing else. I tweaked her suggestion just slightly and all my warts are gone and NO PAIN with this treatment. All of them gone and new skin has grown back, I have normal feet yippee!! Here is what I did:
I used the over the counter liquid wart remover on each wart, I put a little on each wart and let it dry and put a little more on. Once that dried I used Gorilla glue over the top of the liquid wart remover. I would add some gorilla glue each night, keeping the wart completely covered. I kept covering with gorilla glue each night for 2 weeks (I never added more of the liquid wart remover). After two weeks I just stopped the treatment and a few days later after a shower, the glue came off and warts were gone. I can't believe they are gone, after all the pain, picking, digging, bleeding and hassle. I still can't believe that the treatment that worked for me was painless and easy. Hope it works for others. Good luck!!

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The warts are in layers and multiple warts are common. ACV works. Multiple scrapings and 1 year of treatments are coming to a close for me after having the warts on my big toe for 3+ years.

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