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After reading abit about the different remedies to rid head lice. I looked around to see what i could come up with. My head has been sore and itchy for awhile and kept getting worse. Noticed it was lice and had to do something. I however cant afford the expense kits. Thats what got me reading into home remedies. Here is what I did step by step.
In a squirt bottle I combined sunlight dishsoap, tea tree cleanser, and a touch of shampoo.
Lathered my hair throughly and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Waited an hour then washed everything out. When i started to brush out my hair all the lice came with it. It feels so good to be relieved of the tired sore mess of head lice.
This really did work for me. I would suggest it always to everyone now.

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Does it harm hair???


Great remedy! I never had Dawn or Palmolilve so I am so glad that Sunlight works! Thanks!


Hi thank you so much for your 'household items' for head lice. I must say I was a bit skeptical but did as you say and...Voila! All lice are dead! Thank you again so much


Tea tree oil has been proven effective in clinical studies, however, has not been tested for safety. I wouldn't use more than 1% on children as toxicity has serious symptoms.


How much tea tree oil do you put in it??

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