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Tan in a tanning bed or lay in the sun...the sun will dry the acne us as well as a tanning bed

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This only works as a temporary quick fix. The acne returns, and with a vengance! It will be worse than ever, seeming to be making up for the missed zits. Try getting a healthy glow, don't go overboard. You'll only clog your pores and cause more problems.


This does work if used in moderation so your skin won't dry out. I know this from my experience with tanning and also working at a tanning salon. I have acne on my forehead (mainly just little bumps that are hard to see) and my face gets really oily and this does work! If your face has a tendancy of drying out, use a small amount of hemp lotion on your face before and after tanning if needed.


The first person is right- this is the exact reason you only apply Clearasil pimple creams to the affected areas.
Because a pimple is the result of a clogged pore, the drying out WILL help unclog it-but by also drying out the rest of the face, a few days later your body will go into moisture overdrive trying to restore moisture balance. This will result in MANY oil-clogged pores... and suddenly your face is a warzone.


Well... it works for me and my face gets oily so I dont have this problem... also like I said you can use hemp lotion if your face has a tendancy to dry out.


This kind of sounds dumb to me, considering that UV radiation is bad for your skin and causes skin cancer. A lot of prescription acne medications make your skin more susceptible to sunburn, so whenever I think 'sun', I automatically think, 'acne bomb' (or something to that effect).


and now your concern isnt just acne...its skin cancer too!


ok....... yes like the first person it looks better but...... now under you skin is a scar and the suns HARMFUL uv rays push that scar deeper and make the scar even darker.... its like your taking you scar tanning ha....... and when you skin gets way to dry it tends to get oily..... and when it gets oily acne occurs....... i dont reccomend this (acne sufferer of 5 years)


Tanning beds.. ugh.

The sun has natural Vitamin D that is good for your skin. Be sure to only be sitting in straight sun for only 20 minutes a day (every day) with a good sun block otherwise yes your face will be ten times worse.

Doing an activity outside will also dramatically improve your skin, not just on your face. Work in the yard, or play soccer. Sweat and sun combined are good for your skin to release waste that has been building up indoors.

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