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I had eczema on my feet and suffered terribly. Soaked my feet 30 minutes anight in a bucket of white vinegar, got rid of my eczema! Also got rid of my toenail fungus! You can keep the same vinegar in a bucket with a lid and reuse it daily.

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This process seems painful. Was it? My husband has a really bad case of Eczema on his feet right now. I know he has some infection along with it. Because it is swollen and oozing. Nothing seems to help this poor guy. Creams, steroids seem to make it worse.


Thank you for this post! I had really bad oozing eczema on my leg and added 1 1/2 cups white vinegar to an almost full 5 gallon bucket of warm water. Soaked my leg in this for thirty minutes. It is now MUCH better. It dried out and I put shea butter on it. Olive oil would probably work, too. Whenever a small spot starts to itch, I rub shea butter on it then spray it lightly with straight white vinegar that I put in a small spray bottle. It is much better after just one day of doing this.


I also tried spraying full strength white vinegar on it and it does burn pretty bad for a few minutes, but since the burning stopped, it got MUCH better. Soaking my leg in the 5 gallon bucket of vinegar water for 30 minutes as described above seems to have helped more, though.


Soaking in undiluted vinegar is very painful especially if you have cuts or any open wounds. You may not realise you have tiny cuts until you soak and every bit of cut hurts badly. Try using a cotton and dipping it in vinegar and dap it on your feet first. You may need to keep repeating this until your skin drys and peels off. When condition improves try soaking in diluted vinegar. About 2 to 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar, add more water if it still stings.


Before going on to anymore trial and error treatments for your eczema, especially so for adults who have been on long term steroids. Please visit '' this is a very informative site on the dangers of long time use of steroids. My condition actually is improving after I have stopped steroids.


Start from the inside. Try taking the apple cider vinegar twice a day 1 table spoon. Don't eat fatty or grease foods. Drink hot lemon water (or cold) once a day... All of this helps clean your gut/intestines and it is most helpful for the liver. Stay away from commercial cleanses. They kill the good bacteria that we need. Also, allergy season brings on a lot. Keep your antihistamine up through exercise.

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