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Soak your feet in vinegar 30 minutes per night for two months, gets rid of toenail fungus.

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i have tried vinegar now for over a month, no sign of cure what so ever, vinegar does NOT work, try another solution


This acutally does kind of work. I soaked my toes and front pads of my feet almost everyday for about 7 minutes (I'm impatient) alternating in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, both mixed with hot/warm water, for 3 weeks. One toe that has not had an attached nail for like 12 years started to grow a normal, attached nail and the rest of them started growing clear too. You seriously have to do it like until it's gone though, I got lazy and stopped and the fungus took over again. Note: I also used Lamisil spray 1-2x a day, as much as I could remember. It's not on the shelves right now due to a problem at the plant :(


I've been doing this for months. It is not working at all. If anything, it is getting worse. I will be adjusting and taking a garlic vitamin as well as a vinegar one. Will let you know it that helps.


Did a little research on toe nail fungus and there are actually different kinds which is why the remedy may work for some and not others.

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