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I've had rls for quite awhile now, one thing I found that helps and I know its gonna sound weird but I was told by my mom to place a bar of unscented soap under my sheets by my legs and at this point I was ready to try. So I did it and what do you know it worked for me, now im able to sleep at night...hope this helps

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I tried unsented soap between the sheets and I also had relief when my restless leg was not very bad.


I have tried the bar of soap, it did not work. I have moderate to severe as I am affected during the day as well. Sometimes an epson salt bath then a moist heat pack on my feet to get some relief. You might also try 400 mg of magnesium at night. I might try the vicks rub next. I do not sleep at night either. I do not want to take the meds like requip or mirapex because of augmentation...if anyone finds a natural solution to this age old problem, please let me know!


My grandparents swear by this! All of my family l uses this method and it has helped them all!!! Amazing!


I'm curious, have you found that one type of soap works better than another? Just wondering if any kind cheap or not will work as long as its unscented?!?


Sorry, I can't imagine an educated person believing that soap under a sheet is some kind of miracle cure for such a problem. In my opinion this is pure Voodoo.


Rich- the reason this is said to work is that the soap stimulates your muscles and probably the nerves in your legs, causing you to not have to move them as often. (This idea is occasionally used in the treatment of ADD as well, by placing an inflatable cushion with rubber spikes on a child's chair!)

Hans Christian Andersen

Dear Rich: Calley is right. As I described in my seminal work, 'The Princess and the Pea', the mattress has an almost magical ability to funnel and transform energy to where it is most needed. Just as the true princess was revealed through the use of 20 mattresses, the TRUE RLS sufferer is able to receive the theraputic power of the bar of unopened soap through the mattress.

Poppa Doc Jeantel, Voodoo Master

Rich, How dare you associate the ancient art of Voodoo with soap therapy??!!??!! If some ignorant wretch wants to believe that they can cure a medical condition by placing a bar of soap under their mattress, let them. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT put Voodoo in the same category. Just in case you persist in slandering Voodoo, remember 'The Eye is now on you! The EYE knows ALL! I'm not sayin that you will be cursed, but I'm not not sayin you will be cursed either!

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