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I've suffered with an excess wax build-up for years and my hearing starts to deteriorate every 2 years or so. The wax becomes hard & I can't remove it. I've always soaked my ears with olive oil for around 4 days and then go to the nurse/doctors to get my ears syringed. these days they use an electric pump syringe as apparently it's safer. I've always been told not to get water in my ear as this makes the wax build up worse and can cause infections.

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r u for real but wat if u had wax in ur ears since u were first born wat r u gonna do then hu man but wanna be friends like in real life though:P :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am the exact same way! ....Every 2 years or so, the wax builds up in my ear and i have to go to the ER room or to my doctor to have it removed, and now i am faced with the same situation, again!!! ...I hate it when i can't hear, your so off balanced and everything gets, REALLY LOUD! LoL ...Anyhow, gonna try to Virgin Olive Oil and see if that works, Wish me luck! :)


Omg I'm not alone!!!!! Haha same for me too about every 2 yrs I have to see a ENT (ears,nose,throat specialist ) to have my ears cleaned out ! I hate when I can't hear and uncan hear myself talking ! Lol but I want to try his olive oil remedy . Hope it doesn't stay clogged tho .

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