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Okay, head lice is the WORST. After trying tons of harsh chemical products, I decided to start the hime remedies.
This one works the BEST!!!!!! My head lice was gone!!!!
Start by buying coconut scented shampoo or conditioner. I bought Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (coconut). But this step is optional.
Then, add tee tree oil to your shampoo or conditioner.
Now here's the remedy:
Mix mayonnaise with olive oil and apply all over dry hair, from root to tip. Cover with a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes or more. Then, rinse your hair with as hot as you could handle water. Once product is completely rinsed, shampoo with the tee tree oil/ coconut shampoo and then condition. Finally, rinse out the conditioner with pure white vinigar and do one final rinse with freezing cold water. (Or as cold as you could handel.) Comb through your hair with a nit comb and the lice will be GONE.

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Thank, you, thank you, thank you! My lice has DISAPEARED!!!!
One more step to add to your remedy: I di this three times a week for about two weeks and my lice was gone,but also,
*flat iron your hair for two weeks every other day to kill the lice and their eggs.


How much mayonnaise and olive oil? Even amounts? I'll check elsewhere for more specifics too. Thanks!

(The person who wrote this remedy)

Dear AD,
It depends on your hair length. Usually you use a handful of mayonnaise and about two tablespoons of olive oil, that worked for me and my friends.
Hope this helps!

Jennifer May

Oh my gosh your home remedy was amazing! When i comb through my hair the lice was dead and easy to take out . I did this remedy 2 times and now i am free.
My rating: 10 **********


Just wondering how much tea tree oil I should use?? I have thick medium length hair.Thank you!!


I got a call today from my daughter's preschool; they told me her head was covered in nits, so I picked her up. She is now sitting with mayo and olive oil in her hair; we are getting ready to rinse and use coconut shampoo, then tea tree oil conditioner, then vinegar rinse, and finally, I will use some tea tree leave in conditioner. Her bedding is in the washer.... Now I have to wait another hour or so until my other 3 kids get home from school and check them out... Ugh!!! Did I mention we have been battling fleas as well??? Ugh!!!

Thanks so much for your remedy - I will keep you posted!!

The person who wrote this remedy

Dear Michele,
That's a big bummer! This remedy is really good, so it's a great idea. Hope everything ends well!

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