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Ok so i have had 3 earinfections this month. Ive went to the docter and he gave me an antibiotic. But while the anitbiotic is taking its own time i have to take action. What i do is take a boiling pot of water on the stove and i take a washcloth and put it in the water i get it scolding hot and let it col a little bit. Then this is the fun part lay on the couch and place it on your bad ear tak a nice nap or wathch tv it should dothe trick in notime.

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Tanx, i tried it today i got relieved. But i still visited the doc this morning.


Don't ever put boiling water on your skin you will get 2nd to third degree burns. FFS people! Use some common sense.

Common Sense

You know what else is common sense. Reading a post before commenting on it. What part of 'let it cool' did you miss?

She didn't say pour boiling water on your skin, she said boil water, dunk rag, let cool.

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