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FAILPROOF CHEAP WAY: I had athletes foot for about 8 months. Then I just soaked my foot in really hot water (almost at the point you can't stand it) for about 20 minutes. I did it again 3 days later. and then it was all gone. Trust me it works... don't spend money on anything... its all scam to make money off of you. The fungus can't live in extreme heat, and the soaking, draws all the fungus out of your foot. IT WORKS!

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hell fire feet

Sounds like you didnt have a bad case if hot water got rid of it.... didnt work that easy for me!


While I am not sure if it cures it it does help with the itch thats for sure at times over last few weeks i have done the same thing and boy it helps


I don't know about it as a cure but I tried it tonight and if nothing else it really made my feet feel better. Very soothing. Stopped the itching & burning for now at least. Gonna try it a few more times.


HORRIBLE IDEA if you are a diabetic. It could cause severe complications.


i think all of of you who it worked for should of tried having a hot bath to start with


it makes a lot of sense , the virus cant stand the high temp !!!

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