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FAILPROOF CHEAP WAY: I had athletes foot for about 8 months. Then I just soaked my foot in really hot water (almost at the point you can't stand it) for about 20 minutes. I did it again 3 days later. and then it was all gone. Trust me it works... don't spend money on anything... its all scam to make money off of you. The fungus can't live in extreme heat, and the soaking, draws all the fungus out of your foot. IT WORKS!

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How long did you do this process for?


They only did it two times. The first time and then again 3 days later.


Sounds like complete crap to me.


you are telling a lie


This is true, I did the same thing. After 2 months of anti-fungals it just got worse. So I soaked my foot in super-hot soapy water for about 20 min and by the fourth day it was nearly gone.


yea if it was that easy everyone would be doing it....this is a load of crap


Its human nature to automatically assume you need some kind of 'product' to handle a problem. This same treatment worked for me, so believe what you want


Its worth a try!


I got rid of mine with super hot vinegar.


You kno wut as annoying as af is i try ne thing rite now. But it is true not all things wrk the same for every1. So imma giv it a shot and let u kno n a couple weeks if it wrks

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