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So i had a skin tag on the opening of my anus...super embarrassing!!!! It had been there for about 2 years and was the size of pea, maybe a little bigger. I had my doc look at it to make sure it was a tag. So i researched the web and came across many sites, including this one, saying that tying it off works well. I was scared at first thinking that it would just make things worse, but realized that nothing was worse than having it there!! So i tied some dental floss around it on a Sunday morning. It was uncomfortable but i read that if its not, its probably not tight enough to work. About 2 days later i also tied a tampon string around over the floss (because the floss can start digging into your skin). I applied Neosporin a few times a day and.....VOILA!!! It fell off the following Thursday!! 5 days!!! I was so happy and relieved! Just make sure to keep it clean and expect slight blood from time to time. All in all it was not bad, just awkward. But im glad i tried it!!

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My dermatologist told me more than 10 years ago that anal skin tags were from thong underwear. She saw a huge increase with increasing popularity of the underwear. Lets here it for granny panties.

Wah :(

Hi there, just wondering what the skin tag looked like after it had been tied off? I've just performed this on myself last night, it's terribly uncomfortable- it actually feels like an extremely painful and on going pinch. 24 hours later since I tied it, it's swelled up, it was the size of small pea before tying it, now it's the size of a larger pea but is all balooned out, looks like it full of fluid. I'm not sure if this is normal and I should re tie another thread tomorrow, or if I should leave it and pray the swelling goes down so I can cut the thread :/ super scared ! Been taking two ibuprofens every three or four hours :(

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