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I have had a plantar wart for the last 4-5 years . I've tried everything to get rid of it to no avail. Found this site yesterday and decided to try the acv last night before I went to bed.. Now im in so much pain even after I removed the cotton soaked with acv it continues to throb. I cant rven put any pressure on my foot. anyone have any ideas that might help

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Go easy on the vinegar, but don't stop treatment. Each person is different.

For me, soaking the front part of my foot in pure vinegar and letting it dry on its own worked. For the remainder of the time I would use a white tape that I bought at the pharmacy. Only when the warts turned black, I put small pieces of cotton soaked in vinegar on each wart. The skin around the wart becomes sensitive and ugly. So after the warts fell off, I put a little antibiotic ointment and socks. After a few days the skin was healed.


Try using white vinegar instead of acv. I used it on my sons warts on his foot every night and he was pain free the whole time.


The pain seems to have gone down now and the wart seems to be coming up...afer I took the acv off i've just kept it duct tapped up seems to be helping


Sorry dear, but you're going to have to suck it up... Never heard of a painless plantar wart removal, mine were tear jerking to remove!


Suggestion - Keep the tape loose and keep the tape off the toenail - it allows the toe to 'breathe' - the pain is much less that way. The warts are in layers and there are multiple warts/layers on the toe/foot. Keep up the treatment and take short 'breaks' as needed - I am treating my toe with another round and I think it is almost done after 1 year of treatments and having had the warts for 3+ years! I am soooo excited! ACV can be painful AND is very very effective

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