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I had an plantar wart on the ball of my left foot that was becoming increasingly painful over the course of a few months. Without medical insurance or coverage of any kind, I looked for a home remedy that worked. Because I have a skin condition, vinegar or other astringent/acidic remedies did not appeal to me, but there was similar advice about using various types of plant oil. I chose lavender oil, at a cost of 99 cents for a tiny bottle. (1 oz.)
Lavender oil soaked compresses (very small and duct taped on), along with rubbing and massage on the area to take off dead material during compress changes and bathing, worked in less than a week. I was left with a small pink crater of new skin when the wart root fell out.
This was a deeply rooted wart in the middle of the ball of my foot. The lavender oil soothed the pain of walking immediately by softening the wart and reducing the swelling around it. I did not need to cut or grind away at the wart with anything; massaging and rubbing at the area firmly with my fingertips was fine. The oil dissolved the hardened skin around the wart, and it just fell off after less than a week.
I've never been more pleased with a home remedy. The removal was painless, quick, and my shoes have never smelled better!

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