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The remedies here for (head)lice(vinegar, mayo, etc.) are good, but they fail to address the problem of reinfestation from your own pillows and chairs, etc.
Body lice in particular live in seams of clothing and come out twice a day to feed on the host(you).
Body lice: They can live for 15-40 days in clothing without feeding. The trick is to wear the same (few) clothing for one month until lice starve in other changes of clothing that you wore when infested. Clean clothing that you wear fairly often to reduce the lice population in worn clothing while they die of starvation in unused clothing. After at least 30 days, switch clothing. Use over the counter lice spray for chairs and environment. Or, you may wish to try alcohol and/or white vinegar.
Head lice: Follow directions of others here in regard to use of vinegar, mayo, alcohol, tea tree oil soap or coconut shampoo, etc.
But I would advise turning your mattress over every time you wash bedsheets and spraying both with over the counter (lice) chemical spray or vinegar and alcohol. Use only the latter two on pillow sheets. Probably okay to use chemical on pillows and head board.
Good luck, amigos.

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