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I worked in a kitchen, and burned myself constantly. I would mix a bit of mustard with some flour to make a paste, apply it to the burn, and cover with a band aide (or Saran Wrap if it's a large burn). It's instant and lasting relief, especially because the mustard is usually refrigerated, so it cools the burn immediately. I don't know why it works, but it does, and prevents blisters too!

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iced it first which completely removed pain, but no ice and pain came back . . . tried mustard/flour paste & covered with saran wrap . . . most of pain is gone and it has been about 15 minutes now . . . it was a small burn from glue just out of hot glue gun, but the skin turned white and it hurt sharply


Messy but took the sting right out...thank you


Worked like a charm! Took the stink right out, and I put it on a few hours ago.


This did not work for me. Once applies, the burn started to burn and ache again after a minute.


K so I was doing my hair and I put the hairbrush right next to the flat iron (BIG mistake btw) and I thought I was reaching for the hair brush but I grabbed the flat iron still hurts but not as much so thanks :)


Took the sting out but it still hurts :(


Took.the sting out right when i applied... Thank you!


Tried this on my wife's burn last night amazingly it work very good . Who would have thought Mustard and Flour !!


Thank you took the sting out from burning hand on the iron.

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