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Ive just discovered i have genital warts and have been on Aldara cream, doctors only gave me 4 sachets... Surely this isn't enough to cure them? Im on my second sachet tonight. But i have noticed from using my first sachet i have come up in a few more tiny warts.

The Apple cider vinegar remedy... I have warts around and just inside my hole. Is it wise to use there? And does it really work and how long will it take to get rid of them? I am so embarrassed and daren't go near anyone until they are 100% gone!! Helppppp

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Hey there,

Im a male and on day 4 of the ACV, Im trying it on 2 of my larger warts on the shaft. It is working they have turned black like everyone says and are way smaller.

But I warn you, day 2 for me hurt like a SOB and I do have chemical burns on my scrotum that are healing. I WOULD NOT recommend it in your position. It's amazing how powerful ACV really is when left on your skin for a short time.

The burns are just from ACV that dripped off the cotton, Ive only applied it directly to the warts and held it there for about an hour and a half a night.

Hope this helps

I have used acv to treat internal vaginal warts and it worked! Be prepared to take it slow and know that it will take weeks to clear up. This is because you will be taking it slow as to not cause your vagina to completely peel and bleed. Use tiny pieces just big enough to cover the wart and make sure it's not soaked with acv. Also, use a bigger piece of cotton to stock behind it to protect the normal skin. Use vitamin e sparingly as the internal skin soaks it up and changes your skin from pink to white.

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