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My mom swears by soda crackers and they do work for me but for just a short time....I usually use tspn of baking soda in 1/2 water...makes you burp about 5 times and heartburn gone immediately afterwards.....I have a friend who eats a red apple immediately upon getting heartburn and gone for the day.....good luck!!!

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I just wanted to say 'Thank you!!' I have suffered from GERD and Barretts Esophagus for 2 yrs now-and always have had my worst reflux when I'm pregnant. Tonight I woke up suffering from it pretty bad and decided to google a home remedy (my normal omeprazol wasn't working) I tried the baking soda and water and within 5 mins it's gone from being unbearable to about a 1. THANK YOU! I can now go back to sleep!!


Amazing...I suffer from GERDS and Barrets as well. Been outta my pills for 2 days. Tonight was too unbareable. Googled it and found your backing soad trick. Yup...burped a few times and all gone.

Thanks you taking the time to post.


I have acid reflux so bad. I ran out of my pills and i have been chewing tums all over again but it works for lke a minute then right back again. I tried baking soda and water because thats all i had. Drank that nasty stuff really fast. Didnt really know if it would work. So glad i tried it. I feel so much better. Finally burbed without the burn. Thank u thank u


Any guidance re the ratio of soda/water?


I've had Acid Reflex Disease for year's. I take Nexium and Ranitidine..Stress, smoking and eating chocolate and other factors increase my flare ups. I'm due for another Upper G.I. I just tried the Backing Soda and water tip..We'll see!!

Sherise M

My daughter told me about this today. She said her teacher use it for her husband and it helps him. Well to my surprise it helped me to. Thank God for my daughter getting that information for her momma.

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