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13 year old with ear pain

So, I woke up at 2am with horrible ear pain. My mum told me to put a hot water bottle on my ear, and it helped a bit, but after coming on here, I tried something else. If you get an old hand towel, and dip it in a bowl of hot water then apply to your ear, all pain immediately disappears. It's really simple but effective :) hope this helped.

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I don't like seeing my 8 yr. old in pain. I tried this and she's sleeping. Thanks a bunch.


i used this method on my 5 year old dauhter and is now fast asleep thank u a bunch


My 3 yr old is now sleeping, yeah! :)


Thank you! I am 19 and this worked on me.


I am 29 years old and my ear was plugged up, wouldn't pop and pain on the inside. I tried this and it cleared my ear and I no longer felt like I just got off an airplane. Thanks for sharing this tip! Works and I would recommend to others!!


Thank you this really does stop the pain though when I take it off the pain comes back it does help though. Thank you. :)


Tried it 3 times...pain is still there :(


this shit dont work


how long do you fucken put it there for my ear his fucken hurts


thank you I am also 14years old I had ear pain at 1;00 am I had burden but not worked but your method is great thankyou

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