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After doctors diagnosis (and I had a bad case). I tried everything but the surgery. Over a few years, 1.) they froze em, ...they came back. 2.) Aldara, ...didn't do a damn thing. 3.) Tried a 'natural' tea tree linament mix I found online. ...didn't do a damn thing. 4.) Then I tried pure Tea Tree Oil alone. Left it on all night. Reaked havoc on my skin but softened the warts enough to pull off. And my skin was hard/brittle and darkened for a week or so. But Yay!!!! NOPE, …in a few weeks they were coming back. So, I just decided that I would do this particular horrible and sometime painful and bloody process from time to time. And it was a process.
I was never contagious though. I would tell partners and they not one over a period of years caught what I had. So resolved myself to living with it for the rest of my life, just informing my partners of the situation.

THEN! I remembered what I did to get rid of my first bout of Hemrroids years back from a bicycle marathon I had done. I did this solution and the warts went TOTALLY away in a month and a half.

SO, OK, here it is! If you live in an area where there is a GOOD natural store, go get some Goldenseal Root Powder (Organic). It will be a fine mustard yellow powder. At Sevenandah in Atlanta, I paid $2.50 for a small bag. Buy some aloe vera gel from the same location. Like 90% Aloe Vera. (About $8) Not that crap at Target or Walmart. After you shower (not at the store), Pour a small amount of the goldenseal into your palm. Now drop a DAB of aloe onto it, mix it up with your finger and when you have a paste, smear wherever the warts are. WAH-LAH. You should be on your way. I shared it with a friend that I somehow found out had the same affliction, He is on his way as well. He's in the itch phase. I'm about to find the young lady who I know I got them from if I can find her. Oh, yeah, there's an ITCH phase. OMG! Be ready for this. When they really begin to attack the wart, there will be an itch that you want to get a gun and just shoot yourself down there. Just get some liquid benedryl and apply it over the paste. It will stop the itching for THAT DAY. That itch lasts for a couple weeks, then it stops. Eventually, you will notice that the warts are shrinking. For me it was like 2 weeks. But after all the crap I had tried, I was still not believing it even tho I could feel them leaving. One day I went to put the paste on and was like, I can't feel them. I looked in the mirror and NADA!!! I'm done.

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This is a lil personal but I am not circumcised,is it ok to pull the foreskin back up or should i leave it exposed and wrap it up with cotton or something?


hey Boo. (yo, ...that don't sound right.) Anyway, Both these ingredients are herbal based, so pull it on up. if u should need to use the bendryl for the itching, go light and see if it irritates.


Hey I have GW but there's no warts it's like just making my skin dark and rough with the cauliflower type but no bumps it's hard to explain.will this still work on that type


I don't know about that one, 'Emerging'. But after trying stuff for years and them not working, I'd say if you try it, let US know. Since doctors and medicine don't seem to be able to help, we can only help one another.

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