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After doctors diagnosis (and I had a bad case). I tried everything but the surgery. Over a few years, 1.) they froze em, ...they came back. 2.) Aldara, ...didn't do a damn thing. 3.) Tried a 'natural' tea tree linament mix I found online. ...didn't do a damn thing. 4.) Then I tried pure Tea Tree Oil alone. Left it on all night. Reaked havoc on my skin but softened the warts enough to pull off. And my skin was hard/brittle and darkened for a week or so. But Yay!!!! NOPE, …in a few weeks they were coming back. So, I just decided that I would do this particular horrible and sometime painful and bloody process from time to time. And it was a process.
I was never contagious though. I would tell partners and they not one over a period of years caught what I had. So resolved myself to living with it for the rest of my life, just informing my partners of the situation.

THEN! I remembered what I did to get rid of my first bout of Hemrroids years back from a bicycle marathon I had done. I did this solution and the warts went TOTALLY away in a month and a half.

SO, OK, here it is! If you live in an area where there is a GOOD natural store, go get some Goldenseal Root Powder (Organic). It will be a fine mustard yellow powder. At Sevenandah in Atlanta, I paid $2.50 for a small bag. Buy some aloe vera gel from the same location. Like 90% Aloe Vera. (About $8) Not that crap at Target or Walmart. After you shower (not at the store), Pour a small amount of the goldenseal into your palm. Now drop a DAB of aloe onto it, mix it up with your finger and when you have a paste, smear wherever the warts are. WAH-LAH. You should be on your way. I shared it with a friend that I somehow found out had the same affliction, He is on his way as well. He's in the itch phase. I'm about to find the young lady who I know I got them from if I can find her. Oh, yeah, there's an ITCH phase. OMG! Be ready for this. When they really begin to attack the wart, there will be an itch that you want to get a gun and just shoot yourself down there. Just get some liquid benedryl and apply it over the paste. It will stop the itching for THAT DAY. That itch lasts for a couple weeks, then it stops. Eventually, you will notice that the warts are shrinking. For me it was like 2 weeks. But after all the crap I had tried, I was still not believing it even tho I could feel them leaving. One day I went to put the paste on and was like, I can't feel them. I looked in the mirror and NADA!!! I'm done.

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Is there a burn with this paste? Because I have a bad case and don't think I wait to keep putting myself in pain.


NOPE! There is no pain, my friend. Just that itch period. The only pain is the mustard color that it will leave in your underwear. (Use oxi-clean.) But seriously, there is absolutely no pain, no burn, no tingle, nothing.


all i can find is the goldenseal root thing in tablets like at walgreens, i live in oklahoma soooo ya. is it okay if you cruch them up and mix them with the aloe or no?


A place you can buy it is amazon. That's where I had to get mine.


I just have one personal question where were your warts located? And were they large, raised not flat cause I have some serious growths..


@ Zacky. Well i guess you can try the crunched up goldenseal root tablets. my personal opinion is that the fillers and impurities they used to fill those tablets my hinder the progress. I googled around and priced some and was shocked at some of the prices. I'm spoiled to live in a metro area. BUT!!!! I found someone selling some good stuff on EBAY as wells as some other trust-able sites But google. I highly recommend ordering the organic root powder and not trying the walgreens stuff. They come from the same beginnings, but there is quite a difference. But until that stuff comes in the mail, I guess it can't HURT to start with the crushed up walgreens commercial stuff.
Also, the stuff at amazon IS what I'm talking about!! I found some cheaper at mountainroseherbsdotcom and this guy on ebqy. But most important is to get it.

@ Jay, I had the serious growth at first. Doctor lazered the biggest part off, froze the rest off. Then AFTER that, they came back in the flat form. They were to the left crevice where the leg meets genital area. I think before you do what I previously suggested, I would go let the doc take that growth off first. Then immediately start the goldenseal/aloe. DANG, I wish I had done that, instead of all the aggravation and self surgeries I went thru for so long. But I think I had those growths you are talking about, probably ...even worse.


I'm not exactly sure if I have warts or not, as they look like little white pimples on the base of the head. There's also a few barely showing red (2 are brownish/black now) bumps on the head that are very hard to see. It's like they're under the skin not fully emerged yet. Is it safe to cover the entire head? or just spot treatment?


You should go to a dermatologist. even a free clinic will take a sample. but if you insist on trying this (bcuz we feel desperate when we see such things) you can cover it all. neither ingredients will hurt u. but, dude, go get that checked !! my gramps was an herbologist and my mom was a doctor. so i know when we are in over our head. i know many people can't afford health insurance anymore, so if thats the case, go find a free clinic. They will look and at least TELL you what that is. Then you can go from there if they don't treat it.


Hey, I have been having problems with GW for a few months now and have tried many things (excluding ACV because I'm not one to put myself through extended pain). I was considering using the method you stated here, but I have no idea how much root powder I would need to get rid of my GW. Could you possibly give me an idea of how much of this I should buy to ensure that I don't run out midtreatment? Thanks.


heyy, i'm back. to the last guy, i'd say buy a coupla ounces. (sound like i'm pushin weed. lol) but try a coupla ounces first. it will last forever!!! bcuz you only put about a q-tip circle size amount in your palm to mix with the aloe. you will see. and if you run out then buy some more. but you will see after a coupla applications that if you make too much of the past, you end up wasting it. kinda trial and error. and let me know whats the progress. it's working for my friend. i reeeeally hope this works for you guys. this was awful for me and i know it is for everyone. but seriously, let me know if you try it how it went.

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