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After reading several remedies here, I mixed Pure Vanilla, Pure Lemon Extract, and Ground Cloves together. Then I applied the mixture to a cotton ball and held it on the affected tooth for a few minutes. The affected area was numb, but the pain was instantly gone.

Warning: Mouth will become numb and you will drool a lot.

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almost instant relief


It's gonna burn, but the ache is gone.


Amazing! Thank goodness for sites like this. I've been in so much pain for the past three days and can sleep so I went online to find a home remedy for my toothache pain and I found this site, thank goodness! I'm so grateful. I dont have insurance but more spices than you can imagine (I enjoy cooking). I used immitation vanilla with the lemon and the cloves - worked! A short fix but the relief was almost instantly felt, enough for me to get to sleep.


this actually works, dip q-tip in vanilla extract and in ground cloves, then rub on tooth, and toothache vanishes, sooo cool


The vanilla and ground cloves definitely works ... Ive been using clove oil but ran out and this works for sure in a pinch


Vanilla extract is sweet want it ache worse


This works great just used it on my son at 1:00 am. I used Pure Vanilla Extract on it and he stopped crying right away. Thank you


Have some really bad teeth and after going to the dentist today I left in almost more pain then I was in.Applied the vanilla extract and wow..very nice!! Will be keeping it by my bed tonight!!

Judy Theus

I have had my share of tooth acks in 42 years . And I have tried everything under the sun. I just tried Vanlla extract for the first time and it worked ! Thank you


lifesaverrr!!!!!!!!!! I used just the vanilla...i cant believe how well it worked!

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