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Hi :( im 18 and I found out today that I have genital warts. I am completely freaking out about this and have been researching all day on it. None of the professional websites have said anything other then freezing them or surgically removing them. I cant afford any of that as I am 18 and going to college. Does ACV really work? What if it gives me more? how bad does it hurt on a scale of 1-10? also is it safe to have protected sex with them or should i wait until they are all gone and im al healed up? does green tea work? like putting it down there or drinking it? I think i have about 7 smallish ones right on the inside, is it still safe to use ACV? so many questions I just need someone to talk to :'( thanks....

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I've read your not supposed to use the acv inside your vagina. However, what I'd do is the first moment I see or feel a wart is I take apiece of a cotton ball dip it in acv and squeeze out the excess. You don't want a lot its not neccesary. I put it directly on the wart. Mine stay in place just fine. Yes it will burn. But the good news is they will go away. Its worth it. Leave it on for at least 6 hours straight. Before I go to sleep is when I do it. In the am I take it off. They're usually white. I put some a&d ointment to help soothe the area. I will do the same the next night. Mine have only need those 2 6 hours treatments to go away. Its all personal. If u need more than do it again. I'm 24 and a female and I feel for you but know this is way to feel empowered and in charge of this now. Just catch them when they're small, less treatment you'll need, less burning, and don't have sex while your treating them. Wait till you heal. I wish you success! Keep your head up :)


Thanks! all of the ones on the outside are now gone. The ones inside seem to be multiplying though so I started diluting the ACV half and half with water. It doesnt burn just kinda gets irritated and they seem to be shrinking a bit and they stay white. I o it everyother day. It itches like hell though. I dont know what else I can do to get rid of the inside ones :( help!


What is the acv treatment? I have about 6 I think and I just want to know what the acv is and the steps to choose on the process


Hi i am 18 and have also discovered that I have Genital Warts, this has helped so much! Thank you I will try it and keep ya'll posted


All of u who need help n suggestions add me on yahoo. Id is
I have been researching n readin abt genetal warts for about 3 months now. And i have started treatment with ACV day before yesterday, dat means on 20th Nov i started it.
Add me and temme ur experience and i will tell u my progress. Plz when u add me give a refence dat u added me for GVs. Thand. Goodluck

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