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After doing any of these remedies and physically removing the nits wash the hair then take the hair in 1/2 inch sections and dry each section with a hair dryer on HIGH HEAT. Make sure that each section is dry from root to tip. The heat will kill any remaining pests. Becareful not to burn the person. You can also follow this by again parting the hair into 1/2 inch sections and running a curling iron or a straighting iron, on high heat, along the hair shaft from scalp to end. Again the heat will burn the nits and lice. Dry the hair after each time washing it as a maintence.

Also when doing any topical remedy apply the solution to the scalp and to the first 2 inches of the hair shaft, by taking 1/2 inch sections at a time, then work it on to the ends of the hair. The lice live in the scale and lay eggs on the hair shaft. Good Luck!

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