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I'm 16 and about 4 days ago I started getting all sorts of canker sores allover my tongue, inside my bottom lip, and my inner cheeks. They are so painful I can't eat or even talk right. I tried the salt with water remedy and it worstened the soreness.

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I used to suffer from them real bad. I bought a book of called 'Mouth Ulcer Cure' and it was the best and most effective cure I ever came across.


If they get worse and spread all over your mouth it could genital herpes


Go see your Dentist!


I know how you feel The same thing is happening to me now. Use mouthwash to numb them. It stings like hell at first, but after a about 30 seconds it will feel better. I'm always trying to to come up with better ways to get rid of them.


Sounds bizarre, but try a laxative! My great grandmother always gave us a dose of castoria if we had them and it worked. She said it removed the impurities! That is one old wives tale that definitely worked!


I had those same sores when I was about 9 or 10. Im now 25. The best thing my dr./dentist told me was to drink milk every 30 minutes on the dot! I did and they were gone in about 2 days.


Since you're getting them a lot and all of a sudden, you might consider whether you've eaten anything unusual in the last week or so. Some food allergies can cause them. I've also notice that mine usually show up when I have an infection-sinuses usually. I think the extra stress on the immune system allows them to surface again. I hope you find something that works. Sounds painful!

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