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I had recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) for about a year, but a few months ago I found 1 good preventative measure and 1 alternative treatment to the normally-recommended antibiotics. (Please note that I am not a medical professional.)

1) Alternative BV Treatment: Vaginal Vitamin C (Prevegyne)

A nurse-practitioner recommended inserting 1-2 boric acid capsules into the vagina every week to prevent BV, since the acid maintains the acidic environment that is needed for a healthy, BV-free vagina. I went to consult a pharmacist (I was weary since boric acid is toxic when consumed or in bloodstream). She suggested I try vaginal vitamin C tablets (the brand was Prevegyne), since vitamin C is also an acid and is normally used by the body anyway. In Canada, vaginal vitamine C is considered an 'alternative' treatment sold behind the counter without a prescription, and it’s not cheap (just over $30 CAD for 1 treatment of 6 tablets). However, I am so grateful to the pharmacist for introducing it to me, because it has worked both times I used it and allowed me to get rid of the symptoms without antibiotics (smell was gone after first day)! Just insert 1 tablet each night for 6 days. For me, the only side effect experienced was a watery, odourless discharge the following day, but all that meant was wearing pantyliners until the day after the end of the treatment. The information sheet does list several other possible side effects which have been reported, though.Your pharmacist should be able to give you a print-out about this treatment which includes findings from clinical studies.

As with the antibiotic treatment, one treatment of the vitamin C is not going to prevent reoccurence of BV. The manufacturer of Prevegyne say it can be used for BV prevention (as in you can take it even if you don't have BV), too, but it is a tad expensive to be used monthly. This leads to my next topic...

2) Preventing BV by using tampons less frequently

Another nurse-practitioner pointed out that since blood is less acidic than the vagina, menstruation can promote BV. For I while, I only used tampons during my period, and symptoms actually were most apparent in the days following my period and would diminish after. I actually think that that particular occurrence of BV that I went to the nurse for was caused by me forgetting to change my tampon frequently enough while at work. Afterward speaking to that nurse, I always alternate between tampons and pads and change my tampon at least every 6 hours (and thus never wear a tampon to sleep), even though the tampon manufacturer says that the tampons can be worn up to 8 hours. I then had my longest BV-free period since my BV problem started, despite getting a new sexual partner, being very sexually active, and having sex without condoms for the first time (all of which are correlated with BV occurrence). I noticed symptoms again for the first time about a month ago (not sure why, but it coincided with having a new sexual partner) but since I used the vaginal vitamin C right away, the symptoms were brief.

Hope that helps at least some of you!

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Did this work? And get rid of it as well as no reoccurrence?? I'm also in Canada and trying to find something to help me!


Where did you buy the Prevegyne?? I've been searching around but haven't been able to find it in stores. I've been to Shoppers and local health stores with no luck.


Where can I buy prevegyne???


Hey all, you can buy the product over the counter. Just ask for pharmacist! No prescription needed.


I have just finished the 6 pack treatment of Prevgyne and saw the difference on day one.. This product has cured me and I bought an extra box just in case anything goes out of whack down there again. After dealing with BV for months on end trying acidophilus and many other remedies nothing has been so effective and so natural as this product. It's been 2 weeks and still wonderful down there. GO GET THIS STUFF ITS GOLD!!


Prevegyne is sold at shoppers drug mart over the counter.. If it's not in stock just have them order it.. It takes 24 hours for delivery and worth every cent.


I also use this product and its a real miracle. I do one treatment of 6 days each month after period and I am BV free. I had this chronical problem for 4 years and Flagyl was not working anymore. Prevegyne has changed my life. Please, ask for it, it is worth the price (35$). As for the tampons, stop using them.


Firstly, I bought Prevegyne at London Drugs.

Also, does anyone extreme itching and burning side effects with Prevegyne? It says that it's a common side effect but it's horrible and I first thought the medication was causing a yeast infection. If anyone does get this horrible side effect, any suggestions on how to combat it??


You can buy prevegyne at Shopper Drug Mart or at the pharmacy in any Walmart. It is a little cheaper at Walmart. It they do not have any in stock, simply ask them to put a order in for you. Prevegyne works great. It comes with 6 tablets you insert into your vagina and since I used it I have haven't had any problems with BV since.


Hey as for the burning question... I coat the tabs in almond oil before use it doesn't burn and works well u can try avocado oil or coconut oil no problems!! Hope this helps!!

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