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My pores have been exposed to many things over the course of my years as an athlete. I have always had acne, maybe a pimple here or red spot there. But nothing big, until recent. I am a runner, which means basically I sweat, alot and my pores are the first to suffer from all the sweat. But what I do to help clear my skin has worked so well for me. First, I stay hydrated. As a runner, hydration is important and it also helps your skin. Next, I was my face three times daily. In the morning with a regular cleanser BEFORE I do my hair at all, you don't want to be touching gel and things and then cleaning your face. Then I go about my day and wash all my make up off before I do my work outs. Make up clogs pores and can mix with sweat to just make it pure hell for your skin. Then when I get out of the shower, before touching my hair, I wash my face again with a cleanser. Twice a week, but not two days next to each other, like Tuesday and Friday, I use my homemade remedy which has helped significantly. What I do is I mix lemon juice, you can use fresh but I use already made, oatmeal, any kind, I use the apple cinnamon simply because no one in my house likes it, and sugar. Yes. Sugar. It works as an exfoliator. I leave this on my face for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I know it sounds gross to have outmeal sticking to your face but it's helped for me and hopefully for you. When my skin is clear, I just do my regular washing and don't exfoliate as much, maybe once every two weeks. I really hope this helps you as it's brought me so many compliments and more importantly, made me feel beautiful

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How much of each do you use?


u should wash ur face 2 or 3 times a day everyday


Sweating actually helps get rid of acne. It only works if you drink lots of water though, so drink a lot and sweat more!! Then that should help to clear up your face:)

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