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I was sick of taking too many Advil, so I came to this site to see what might do the trick for me.
First night of excruciating pain I tried warm water and garlic salt powder, seemed to help somewhat and was able to sleep.
Pain returned next day. :(
So several times I have brushed my teeth with Crest Pro Health for sensitive teeth, I have a spray bottle of peroxide that I spray directly on the infected tooth.
I felt better, trying garlic rinse again however I smoked and drank coffee-bad idea. Pain returned.
I haven't eaten today. Was too afraid too.
I tried oil pulling, this time is the third time I tried it. Google oil pulling and see what people said, seemed like a natural cure all. Not sure if it is the Advil or oil but for an hour or so the pain subsided. Brushed teeth again, I use the sensitive toothpaste, peroxide spray and then rinse mouth with blue mint Listerine, focusing on the affected area. Tried oil pulling again, longer this time, some relief. Rinsed mouth with warm water. Pain returns. Third time tonight I decided to try something else, I pulled out the powdered organic cinnamon, made a rinse with a bit of warm water and extra Virgin olive oil. I'm letting this stay in my mouth as long as possible, will report my results later. No pain at the current moment and the oil is soothing, the cinnamon isn't a bad taste either.
I cannot afford to go to the ER or doctor at this time so I want to try affordable holistic approaches. I would think the infection is causing the pain and if I can get rid of the infection, then hopefully this will work.
Brush your teeth with sensitive toothpaste. It does give small relief for a small time but if you have a toothache any time that is painless is so wonderful.
Try olive oil mouth evinces, it seems to help somewhat. Mix garlic powder (salt) with warm water and let it soak in your mouth. I do not believe the holistic approach is bad, it is certainly cheap for me to use products in my own home for some relief so I can at least sleep.
Going to try the oil pulling more often to see if it is really helpful, hoping adding cinnamon may help in some way.
Good luck everyone! Stay away from acidic drinks and smoking. I smoke and it aggrevated the pain tenfold.

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next time just use a clove of garlic by its self instead of the water and powder


I just tried both just the clove and the water and powder. Neither worked and im in extruciating pain! Weird thing is cold water is the only thing that takes the pain away, so ive been drinking cold water all day! But now i need sleep and i cant drink and sleep at the same time! Idk what to do


Smoking made my pain go from a 2-3 to a 10 in a matter of seconds. No wonder all of the sites I look on say not to smoke. It was hard to not smoke, but nothing compared to the pain.


'Oil Pulling' is best. I suffered like hell for 'Tooth Decay'. Three doctors suggested 'Root canal'. I took Oil pulling and after 1 week my pain gradually decreased. 2 weeks after i do not have any pain.

1) Take Coconut Natural oil in the morning first thing. Before brushing, tea, coffee, etc.
2) gargle for 20 minutes. Simultaneusly you can do other work like Watching TV, walking, Jagging, etc
3) let oil cover all parts of teeth while gargling. Avoid vigorous action since it lead to mouth pain
4) After 20 minutes spit it out oil
4) Now take 200 ml warm salt water for gargling. Use crystal salt only.
5) now you could do regular brushing

that's All. Hope you too have a painless teeth.

Note: spitted oil would be whittish in color. Do not worry. Now it would contain poisonus matter. Hence avoid places used by human, pet animals, and plants. This is important. All the best

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