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Hi. My story is somewhat similar to many of the others on here. I was in an awful and abusive relationship for 5 years. We were engaged to be married, we lived together for 3 years. I was blinded by what I thought was love and we became engaged, not long after that I discovered his other girlfriend (I had not known about) was 4 months pregnant with his baby. Needless to say I ended that relationship. Then I met the greatest man alive. We began dating, it was 7 months before we became intimate at all. After about a year, I had my first outbreak. He was faithful, so was I. The culprit was... he had a fever blister that had not surfaced completely the night that he had performed oral sex on me. Two days later he had a fever blister on his mouth, he said he gets them when he eats citrus fruits for some unknown reason, he had eaten some oranges to fight off a cold. Then four days later I was in my gynecologists office in tears from the pain. The Dr. took one look and said herpes. I was absolutely devastated. I felt like my life was over. I just knew he would not believe that I had been faithful and that he would leave me. I cried for hours before I called him. He came over, I explained what was going on. He cried with me. Together we researched and he began to feel so guilty. He determined that he had given this to me unknowingly because he performed oral sex on me whil he had a fever blister, although it was not visible. He was very supportive, he paid for the medicine to treat it, which was $600.00 at the time. He took care of me, made me stay in bed to keep from making it worse. Like I said the most amazing man alive. Three years later we were married. I became pregnant and my gynecologist advised us that as long as there were no lesions near delivery we would be okay, unfortunately I ended up having a c section because I stopped dilating. We now have two wonderfully healthy children, a boy and a girl, with no evidence that this has passed to either of them. Thank God. It has been 7 years since I had an outbreak. Recently my children became sick with a nasty little bug that we couldn't seem to kick. I lost a lot of sleep taking care of the kids, plus keeping up with my night school classes, housework, and my own career (I am a nurse). Thus my immune system plummeted and I became more susceptible to an outbreak. Four days ago, it happened. This one is way worse than my first outbreak thought of being. It hurts to pee, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to move at all. I can't stand sitting in the bath, but I have to suck it up and I have, soaking in epsom salt baths seems to help a little. I also have my husband pour hydrogen peroxide all over the lesions after I bathe. It hurts like hell, I won't lie to you, but after it stops bubbling, the relief is instant and has been lasting 4-5 hours. I also have lidocaine jelly that I apply 5-10 minutes before trying to pee because it hurts so bad. After 24 hours of using the hydrogen peroxide (three time thus far) the lesions have really began shrinking and crusting over. I also take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and to help with the pain (and sleeping). I increased my l-Lysine to 3000 mg a day, I am taking Valtrex twice a day, and began taking a sublingual B vitamin. I am willing to do anything to get rid of this mess. It is very hard to pretend that everything is okay and put on a happy face with two small children, but thank God I have a wonderful husband that supports and stands by me. I don't think I could get through this without him. Good luck to all and I am praying for a cure. I hope my story helps someone. It's okay to cry about it, I have been crying for 4 days now, but I know that this too shall pass and life will go back to normal again.

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I have been diagnosed with herpies virus.almost 13 yrs ago. The fiirst outbreak was very painful.I had tried the antiviral meds.but they made me sick. I still have outbreaks that leave me very tired and achy.I usually miss 2=3 days a year.I also wind up with allott of upper body congestion. I currently get breakout on my left buttock. It used to be on my vagina. I put coconut oil on the lesions at the first sign,this kills the inflamation and helps heal can put it on as much as you like.hope this helps.I also contracted this from my boyfriends cold sore.

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