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I am an adult female working in a very professional job. I have always had a problem with sweating a lot and body odor under my armpits. It was so embarrassing, and I did shower and scrub/clean myself daily. I also tried so many different deodorants, I tried alcohol, peroxide, nothing seemed to help. In the heat of a very humid and hot summer I developed MRSA under my right armpit. I was told by a staff member at my job to use spray iodine on my arm (before MRSA really broke out in that area). What I noticed is that when I used it (on both) I did not have body odor. I had to make sure those areas were very clean and this was a great antiseptic. I purchased the clear iodide from Walmart in a brown bottle, it has to be clear. Each morning after a shower I spray each armpit and I no longer use deoderant! I threw it away. It didn't necessarily help with my MRSA but it made me feel better knowing that when you sweat and smell body odor it is bacteria and this spray was killing that bacteria. I am happy I no longer use deoderant, don't spot my clothes, clog my pores, etc...I am not positive of the overall issue with using this on a regular basis, but I can sometimes skip a day or two using it. The iodide is I believe called tincture and it was under $4 at Walmart in the first aid section. My brother tried it on his feet and it actually seemed to help with his foot odor, even his shoes didn't have the foot odor smell when he sprayed it on his feet and walked around all day. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me!

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Healer 1

Wow thanks for the tip. I will try this. I was staying at a friends house and forgot my usual remedies. After scrubbing my underarms in the shower I still had a smell which I knew would get worse. In desperation I put listerine on cotton balls and swabbed both arm pits a couple of times. The oder was completely gone! I didnt want to smell like mouthwash so I washed with soap afterwards and voila, no smell all day! I hope the iodide works for me

j zerafa

I suffered with the worst type of body odour for years. There is some truth in the fact that diet can be a big factor. I paid a lot of money out to a kineisologist who diagnosed gluten intolerance.This means that my body doesnt tolerate white rice' bread or pasta very well. Thi was what caused the odour, as when I eat gluten free items there is no odour at all. Some things I found very helpful were eating salad with nearly every meal cutting down on eggs and dairy products. I also wash everyday and change my clothes. Sometimes it is also caused by zinc deficiency that causes loss of smell and your nails to have lots of small white flecks. Also avoid smoked items like the plague I
hope this a help.


Where can i buy this product? what is the exactly name if this product?? pls help me.. thank u..


Where i gonna buy this product,is this available in the philippines

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