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I read every last page on here, and around 4 AM couldn't stand the pain, decided to try everything I could find in the house. All I had was sea salt and generic powdered garlic salt. I had used peroxide straight on affected back molar, relief for maybe a minute, if that. I brushed, used antiseptic mouth wash, and after a while Advil didn't even work.
What I did helped ease the pain tremendously. I mixed garlic salt powder with a little salt in very warm water, and it was not very diluted, really gritty actually. I kept the solution in my mouth and swished it around for about five minutes total. It did ease the pain enough to where I could actually go to sleep, I was very very happy! It's about 7 hours later now, I can feel the pain slowly returning but I will once again try this concoction, I like that it is natural. I will most likely try the vanilla or other natural remedies I saw on this site and hope for the best-report back my findings. I feel for anyone with a toothache, it is horrible! My top tooth (molar) is cracked and my bottom molar was bad about ten years ago, went to dentist then for relief and was supposed to have a root canal (never did) and after all this time it is starting to hurt (unless it has something to do with the top tooth). I have no dental insurance and I cannot afford to go to a dentist.
Thanks to all of you for posting your remedies, I never would have thought to use anything natural but it was so helpful! THANK YOU all!

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