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I just started using steroid ointment prescribed by my doctor, it is called Dovobet, and I started to mix it with kerasal like it was suggested on this site. Once, I apply Dovobet+kerasal, I put a plastic wrap around the area to keep it moisturized even if I wear jacket or long sleeve sweater.
Do u guys think it is a good idea to put the plastic wrap around the affected area after I apply my ointment? I would appreciate a lot, If you guys could tell me if it is a good idea or not to put the plastic wrap.


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arnold i would not recommend putting plastic over your skin. it will make the spot go away but won't let your skin breathe and you will break out some where else. steriods are one of the worst things you can take. they work initially but very rapidly establish a tolerance to them. it gets absorbed into your skin and wreaks havoc on your adrenal system. i was on steriods and for every one spot i got rid of ten more showed up. look up on youtube 'mercola inexpensive remedies for psoriasis and ezcema'. i have used only diet to control it. it reduces toxin intake, reduces inflammatory foods, and heals the digestive tract (leaky gut syndrome) so you don't have any more flare ups. the diet i use for the last 20 years was posted on 7-13-12 about 5 posts down. the diet lets your body heal itself. i have extra info in the comment section. steriods and immune suppressors take care of the symptom not the problem and actually make your 'p' worse. good luck :)


No it is not a good idea. Skin diseases need to get air before it can heal it self. I tried a lot of different approaches, but i always try to give it air.
I have psoriasis on my legs. And after using a good cream, i go around in my house only in underwear so it can breath. It helps the cream to get into the skin quicker and helps my skin repair it self better.

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Applying corticosteroid ointment and then wrapping it with plastic wrap can cause systemic absorption of the medication, which can lead to more problems. I wouldn't take the chance... I leave mine to air until the medication absorbs then put on socks (psoriasis on my ankles)


I've been putting clear plastic bandanges on my psoriasis after applying steroid creams...just recently I thought that if I left it on longer I would have a better result and the areas that were covered became very pink/raw and itched for days after removing the bandages. I just finished watching the youtube video 'inexpensive remedies for psoriasis and eczema,' I'm going to make some changes to my diet and see if that helps. My body is covered with psoriasis and it's spread to my neck and now a couple spots on my face and I can't stop itching...I just need to find a way to get it under control.


Acually, it is a prooven fact that if you apply moisturizer to the skin, and wrap it in plastic wrap, the moisture is forced into the skin, making it less likely to reject in the places where you are infected. Of course, you are to change the wrap every few hours and give your skin a chance to breathe, but I've had a dermetologist even suggest this. I've had 'p' all my life, and this is one of the home remedies that have worked for me, And i have it severly! Just try it. It wouldnt hurt to try.


i also had been recommended by my dr to wrap in plastic after applying the cream as it acts like a layer of skin and it begins to repair itself, unwrap once the cream has been absorbed, do not wrap for longer than a couple of hours at a time

pat moriarty

i have used dovabet for 4 years,until i started having trouble with my eyes,it seems that dovabet cotains a very strong steroid that builds up pressure in the eyes causing glaucoma,i am at the moment having hospital treatment,and have thrown away the dovabet,so users be very careful and read the advice sheet that comes with dovabet


your body builds a quick tolerance to steriods. one of the worst remedies you can do. short term temporary relief fot 'p'. check out psoriasis


I have actually talked to my doctor about this and she says it works great! Ironicaly enough, she actually mentioned it to me before i even asked her. she says that it keeps your clothes from being stained of wiping the med off.


Works great for the first month then your body builds a tolerance to it. Long term damage to your neurological system for short term gain. No thank you

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