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It's 4 a.m. And I have tried just about everything to get some relief from a tooth that lost a filling and has an exposed nerve. 4 lortab and 8 ibuprofen didn't even touch it! Did the chloraseptic which worked for about 30 minutes the first time and stopped working on the second try. Tea bag worked for a few minutes but that was it. Have whiskey but husband keeps it in the freezer and its way too cold for swishing right now. I did put some on a cotton ball and rubbed all around the tooth and that has helped quite a bit. I also found that laying down is what really seems to bring on the pain the most. So while the whiskey is warming up am sitting up one the couch and having a cigarette, I guess if I can sleep sitting up I may get a couple of hours is sleep.

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Yep that's what I'm doing sleeping sitting up with hand pressed firmly on jaw where it hurts which is whole right side of my face. I rather go through labor then have this kind of pain.


You right I get the pain when am laying down too


exact the absolute thing I'm going thru right now andi said the exact thing this so painful I'm having migraines daily from this


Sounds like you have a drug problem

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