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Best remedy I have found is a product called 'Shoos Off' . Lasted a really long time.

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hey girly I have have very oily skon and not acne no more due to using Baking soda And I suufered from Ccne for 16 years and I am now 32 and I fillnay found this remedy thtat really helped me out and DrBadescu from New York sells facial remedies that the stars use and you get on his site and answer some ?? S and the they wrote down what treatments that will work for you and they send you free samples of the remedies that you need so thats cool,its all free I've heard tha they work well Sub me


thank god i got rid of it,by a soap novale that dr prescribed me.wash ur feet 3 times a day for a week.

lynne ewe

do nothing i like smelly feet


I like home remedy a use it's help me a lot bye me don't have a lot of money. I am always have something going on. With my my body. You name I have it going on that's right I like home how writing those home remedies. Keep on writing. I was wondering do anybody have any home remedies 4 provide part j


The list is complete I think: There only misses one really good and natural remedy: the cedar wood insoles from Zederna, which I use since a couple of weeks and which just overwhelmed me:) They really saved my life guys, you should try it out!

Nancy Miller

Oh, i am so thankful for the tip with those insoles, i ordered them last week, out of my sheer desperation and for now I can say I am really surprised! I hope they also work in summer when it gets warmer... I'll keep u guys updated :)

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