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Dry socket - the most painful thing in the world (worse than broken bones, motorbike accidents etc etc) but the dentist doesn't tell you about it until you have it!

I didn't have clove oil so I mixed a handful of cloves and a few spoons of salt in boiling water, once it had cooled to mouth washing temp (warm) I swilled it around. Instant relief - and painkillers couldn't reduce it this much.

Am now on tramal, paracetamol, diclofenac with a stomach protecting nexium, and regular rinsing with the salt clove mix.

Now, I hope I can sleep!
Thanks for everyone's ideas.

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I had no relief at all, just that nasty salty taste from the little brown clove things that my mom bought, and salt. It hurt almost even worse and made it start throbbing.

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