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Miss Determined

I've searched far and wide in this cyber universe to find a way to get rid of a skin tag that resulted from an old hemmorhoid. I was quite conscious about that bit of loose skin right near the entrance of my anus. And being a young, single woman in her mid-20s, I was thankful that I had no partner to know my little secret, but what if I finally did find someone who finally intrigues me and see the beauty of my rosebud ruined by its hideous, neighbouring friend, I would have to come up with excuses why I have to stall on sex or be brave enough and tell him about the evil skin lurking near my rosebud. So, it had to go.

I opted for the tying off method. I thought I could handle the pain, but I was oh so wrong. The pain was unbearable and I kept cursing the people who posted that this method really works. It was horrible. I thought I was an idiot for believing that his worked.

So anyway, I started with a piece of thread. It swelled to the size of a lima bean. And later added dental floss. But after three weeks it was still there. I removed the string and dental floss. Deflated that it was still there, but I was so stubborn. I was determined to make this work. I just used a dental floss and try to make it as tight as I could. Two weeks later, it was still there. I was starting to think this was a hoax to make people vulnerable like me suffer and i wanted to kill these people. There wasn't much pain by this point. It was just a piece of harden skin dangling more loosely from my anus. And I continued to use neosporin and witch hazel.

So again, I removed it. But this time I took a rubber band, sanitised and cut it. Then I made a noose out of it and put it around the skin tag. Again, I made it sure it's tight and put neospirin afterward. I soon noticed the skin tag shrunk. Yes, progress. And at the end of the day, it just fell off, along with the rubber band. I couldn't believe it. It finally work. My bum and I are so happy. And just relieved to have things I back to normal.

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This line had me rolling with laughter
- really fantastic!

'see the beauty of my rosebud ruined by its hideous, neighbouring friend'

John from NH

I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting the tying off method by using a 'Rubber Band', I did as you have posted,by sanitizing a rubber band, soaking it in hydrogen peroxide, tied a knot around the base of the anal skin tag. I kept it clean, using antibacterial ointment, like bacatrician, , and checked it every day to keep it tight. it was a trial and error thing , and realized it had to be tight enough until you feel alittle sting. The next morning it was already turning black, and by day 3 it shrunk from a raisen size to 25%, and came off completely , they was only the sting as far as pain goes, but it was no big deal. It has been 3 weeks since its been gone and there is no signs of any more. Just as a precautionary measure I use prep H Gel, it has witch hazel, which is suppose be a great cleanser and preventive measure. but not to mention eating lots of veggies in your diet and fiber helps maintain as well. Thanks again!


How long do you leave the rubberband on for.. I attempted this and they did start to go purple I got very nervous and took it off...


Love that you refer to it as the 'ENTRANCE' to your anus. LOL!

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