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Cough's got worse since this week, read a few of these and mixed a few, feel great and can lay down without a cough!

1)Boiling water + 1 teaspoon of tumeric + 1 tablespoon of honey + 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper.

2)One slice of bread + 3 piece crushed garlic + tablespoon of honey

3)Eat an apple while sipping cold milk

4) Finally a tea with a teaspoon of honey depending on how sweet you like your tea.

Do these steps in any order, and your coughs minimize/become softer and much less frequent.

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Its awesome!! I tried and seems to be working as said by others...


Just tried no 1, had a few sips n honestly haven't coughed so far.... I hope it works long term been fed up of my cough...thanks a lot


Remedy 1 - This drinks need to be drink / inhaled or what ??????


1# Do we need to drink it?

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