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Cough's got worse since this week, read a few of these and mixed a few, feel great and can lay down without a cough!

1)Boiling water + 1 teaspoon of tumeric + 1 tablespoon of honey + 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper.

2)One slice of bread + 3 piece crushed garlic + tablespoon of honey

3)Eat an apple while sipping cold milk

4) Finally a tea with a teaspoon of honey depending on how sweet you like your tea.

Do these steps in any order, and your coughs minimize/become softer and much less frequent.

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#1 is a miracle cure. Had a terrible cough that kept me up night after night, found this remedy and wow, sleep! Thanks for sharing


Is number one supposed to be made like a drink? Inhaled? Steamed? Help please. Thanks!


what is tumeric and where can you buy it?


eat an apple while drinking milk didnt WORK and i have tried everything else


Number 1 is the cure unreal my cough vanished :) ty it is unbelievable how quick the relief comes and your back to normal ty to the poster.


Any sort of dairy causes mucus. Stay away from it if you're having a congestive cough!


It's 2:30 am and I'm willing to try anything. made a mug of boiling water with the rest of the ingredients. i think the spiciness of the black pepper is masking my scratchy throat. Feels really good...Now I Just hope it's long lasting and I can get back to sleep!!!!


number 1 is amazing ... i thought i was going to loose my mind coughing so bad. i tried number 1 and i feel much better, i haven't felt the need to cough.


# 1 was like magic thank you now i can sleep .


#1 really does work. I'm convinced. But now how often can I take it??

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