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Doctor Steven

Prevent Genital Herpes Outbreaks Naturally, Without Anti-viral Drugs

SUMMARY: Avoid eggs. Take 200 mcg selenium per day. Take more selenium whenever an attack starts to develop.

HISTORY: Had severe GH with about 30 outbreaks a year. Then discovered the major cause. Eggs. Stopped eating them and the outbreaks dropped to about 5 a year.

Then read that 200 mcg selenium per day prevents GH outbreaks. Tried it and it worked. This was discovered by Dr. Jonathan Wright, who pioneered many advances in this field.

Am now almost totally free of GH outbreaks, perhaps 1 or 2 per year.
On the rare occasions when an attack starts to develop, just take another tablet. This really works.

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Why no eggs ? What about egg whites ?


Why stay away from eggs? What do eggs have in them to stay away??


Your wrong about the lots of eggs because it has high lysine in them and lysine is a good sorce of vitamins to keep away the outbreaks


Thanks so much..I just got rid of an attack and I thought eggs would be healthy for me. Got another attack, in the front this more eggs everyday.

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