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My daughter is 3weeks old and had a really bad rash to the point to where she had two blisters. She could fuss and cry after ever soiled diaper and after she passed gas. I tried vicks (my mom swears by it) DID NOT work, then I tried butt paste, cornstarch, desitin, lansinoh, I did daily baths and washed her butt after every soiled diaper, I allowed her butt to air dry for 30min. NOTHING WORKED...until my mom (works at a nursing home) gave me an ointment made by McKesson called Vitamin A & D which is used on the residents when they get a rash. I was reluctant but I'm glad I tried it. By the next morning BOTH blisters were completely gone.
The ointment might be hard to find. My mom gave me two small 5g packages. I'm almost out so I ordered a box at amazon.

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A&D ointment can be very helpful, but can also hold in the heat, so it works best when irritation first happens. We (nursing home CNA's) usually use it for prevention, since the elderly have such soft and easily damaged skin. It works very very well. I have seen it for sale at some Wal-Marts, and usually any drug stores, we once had to resort to buying some from our local store till the shipment we ordered for our nursing home could come in.


Vitamin A&D is found at the dollar tree store here and it works once in a while for diaper rash but what I've found that really works well is prescription strength ointment from the doctor. It heals up and my baby girl is back to normal by the next morning. Also letting her crawl/run around naked for about 15mins after a bath helps.


You seriously put Vicksburg on an open sore? That's got to constitute child abuse... Far out woman. Geez. Poor baby.

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