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hey everyone. I have been battling with GH for almost two years. I went though similar reactions as others, anger, pain, hurt, ignoring and anything else you can think of. I am in a doctorate program so stress runs high on my list every day which is my number one factor of an OB. I've learned to stop feeling bad about myself and take an active role in feeling better. I try to work out on a regular basis even if thats doing 100 jumping jacks in my living room and eating healthy. I try to stay away from peanuts and peanutbutter (my downfall) and eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.
I by no means have cured myself but found a few daily things to do to help decrease OBs...
When I feel an outbreak coming on I double up on L-lysine (found in any stores walgreens, walmart, online) i often take propolis as well (found it in a health store or online, try to take it daily but definitely take it when i feel an OB). I have recently purchased a bottle of tea tree oil and have been using that as well when i feel an OB. On a daily basis besides eating healthier and working out i try to do some other things to lower the amount of OBs. I shower regularly (especially after swimming and working out) and always put baby powder on my underwear to help stay dry, always wear cotton underwear and try to sleep without at least pants or shorts or even underwear on at night. Due to high stress I try to take a detox bath once a week which consists of 20 minutes in hot hot water with 2 cups of epsom salt, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 hydo-proxide (if i feel an outbreak i try to do this twice a week or so usually lessens any pain, stress and helps reduce the length of the OB) I also keep garlic pills and vitamin c around. I try to take vitamin c daily and then double or triple the dose when feeling an OB. Drink a lot of water helps flush your system though I admit I often never drink enough.
I've learned that having multiple ways to combat this helps me to a. remember to do at least one of them on a daily basis and b. have numerous options incase I'm out of something or what not. I feel a lot of this is a mental game. so loving yourself is key... taking time out to de-stress and breathe have been important. The more I worry about GH or an OB the more I tend to get them. The less I think about in my daily life the less I seem to get an OB.
Hope this helps some people and give you a few ideas going forward :)

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