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Just noticed i have an abcess yesterday--its really puffy in two spots on my gum of a back molar. I remembered my daughter having one a couple years ago and giving her 500 mg vit c and about 2000mg of brand odorless garlic soft gels they are very small and easy to swallow. So i started taking this combination this morning so I have had a chance to take 3 'doses' of my 'homemade antibiotics'. I am feeling my gum right now and the tenderness that was there is almost completely gone and the swelling is down by more than half. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone to help get rid of the infection or at least reduce it till you can get to a dentist. I will finish this like a round of antibiotics 4 times daily for 10 days. However you can take this amount indefinitely and it will not hurt you probably just boost your immune system!

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would like to know what your homemade antibiotics is.

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