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Forget the expensive and dangerous pills, the useless topical applications - there IS an effective home remedy to cure this. All you need is: Apple cider vinegar, the cheapest kind will do, kitchen string, cottonballs, and a pair of sharp sewing scissors. First thing to do is cut the toenails back as far as you can. Next, soak the cottonballs in the vinegar and tie them onto the affected toenails. The more time you spend with these smelly things tied on, the faster you will be rid of this, so put them on before bed, put them on whenever you are at home, always remember to do this. After only a couple days the discolored toenail will have softened enough so that you can clip it all away. This will be a somewhat shocking experience, but you must face the fact that the affected nail can't be saved - every discolored bit, even down to the cuticle, must eventually be removed, exposing the nasty fungus and the bare skin beneath. OK now that your poor toenails look like broken eggshells lined with rotting orange rind - peel away the fungus with tweezers, scrape it away with scissors, and rub the exposed toe clean with a wet cloth or paper towel. Continue to regularly apply the vinegar soaked cottonballs as before, every day, as often as possible, continuing to trim back the discolored bits as needed, continuing to peel and rub away the exposed fungus as it tries to grow back, until, after about 3-6 months, the nail will finally have grown back healthy. And that's it, that's all you need to do.

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