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I have a mirical cure for those of you who have intense cramps. I suffered for a few years I'm crazy amount of pain, it hurt to move and nothing seemed to help. My brothe in-law is an OBGYN I was talking to him about hoe men are so lucky. He told me to ingest as little dairy and caffien products as possible about 4 days before I started my period (that is if you are able to predict with in a day or so when you expect your lovely gift). I live on caffeine I'm a full time student and I work 50hrs a week. So I did exactly what he said to do and I swear to you that I had close to no cramps at all, I just had an occasional pinching feeling here an there. So this definitely works, and I recommend every girl to try this (I wasn't as tired and cloudy either). Now if you have cramps right now the best thing you can do is to take 800mg of ibuprofen, take hot hot shower and let it hit your lower back an neck. Also I have read about exercises and what not like doing half crunchs that didn't work for me. BUT any decent OBGYN will tell you to go for a walk ( I know last thing you want to do when you feel like this). Walking or just being up and moving around relaxes those muscles because you are stretching and moving them around. Good luck ladies, please try this I promise it will help. If these things do not help or take the pain completely away GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!! I say this because unfortunately there may be more of a serious problem such as indemteryosis. Hope you feel better. Contact me if you have any questions., I am going to school for this

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I have really bad cramps every month from the time I start till the last day, about five or six days. My cramps hurt extremely bad, I can't do anything with it, it hurts even to stand. The only thing that seems to work is when I go to sleep but it takes about thirty minutes before I can get confertable. Taking hot or cold showers doesn't work either, pain medicine or anything. My boyfriend tries to put pressure on my stomach or just rub it and it doesn't work. I don't know what else I could do.

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