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I was diagnosed with genital herpes (II) about 6 months ago, after being with my partner for over 2 years. I had never consciously experienced an outbreak, and the first one was excruciatingly painful and came on during a time of much stress. My partner was not aware that he had the disease, either, but he had an outbreak several weeks later. We have each had 2-3 outbreaks since.

The sores are painful and irritating, but manageable. Twice since my last outbreak, I have felt a tingly irritation which seems to signal an outbreak. Both times I have applied Hyland's Homeopathic Calendula ointment to the area, and have completely avoided an outbreak, with the tingling gone by the next day. This ointment contains a 10% extract of Calendula flowers in a base of Petrolatum with 5% Lanolin. I suspect that the lanolin might be the best healing agent, as it is known to be a great healer for chapped or irritated skin. One might experiment with using a less expensive lanolin-based product, such as Bag Balm. I would also use this on an actual outbreak if one occurred, as it helps heal abrasions.

Someone else had suggested using baking soda on an outbreak in order to dry it out. I tried this, and it caused excruciating pain and stinging. I thought it might go away after a few minutes, but it continued stinging until I washed it off. I would NOT recommend trying baking soda.

Cornstarch was recommended for the same purpose, and I found that this worked quite well. I applied it with a cotton ball to the area after using the bathroom, and it helped reduce irritation from the sores being moist and rubbing together.

Warm baths also seemed to help, though I was constantly paranoid about fully bathing, as I thought the virus might shed into the water and infect other areas, such as my mouth or nose.

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