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I have a canker sore right now, it hurt, I was pained, it was terrible... i went to walgreens and found mouth wash, you should get the generic brand because it is sooo much cheaper. I put in the mouthwash, swished, rinsed and PRESTO. no more pain!!!! yippie,LOL hope i helped.

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use malasses ,it burns a few seconds and the sore is gone the next day,i do it twice,just rub a finger tip full on sore


When I was younger I'd get canker sores a lot and my mom used to dab a cotton ball in some lime juice and then salt and scrub the sore away. All the white was scrubbed off. Yes it hurt like hell but the pain didn't last long and the next day the sore was healing and pain free. I don't get them rarely at all anymore but when I do, I do the same. The sore completely heals after 2-3 days with no pain.


I just did the mouthwash thing a minute ago and I can't believe how much better I feel. No pain, just a ton of relief. Not completely gone but I didn't leave it on for more than maybe 10 seconds. Excellent idea.

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