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Limit alcohol (No I am not joking about alcohol and dizziness.)Also limit salt and caffeine.Increase water intake. Herbs such a ginger,Ginkgo Biloba, and coriander can help. Swimmers ear drops may help and if you have recently had an ear infection take an noninflammatory like aspirin.Dim the lights and treat with rest like a migraine. Good luck. Also see the exercises you can do to clear inner ear sedimentation.

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I've been wanting to post this information for awhile, since it always helps my vertigo, and usually within several days, it's gone..until the next bout of it. I purchased a Health book several yrs ago, that had an exercise in it for vertigo, by a German Dr. Anyways, I tried it and use it every time for quick relief. It sounds crazy, but has worked for me. So, sitting up on the floor or on your bed, with a pillow placed right where you head will fall; quickly allow yourself to fall back onto the pillow and turn your head to the extreme right for 30 seconds. Now do the same to the left for 30 seconds. Then turn your head a full cirle around without lifting it off the pillow, and hold for 1 minute. Do this several times a day, and you should find your vertigo gone. I also got info from my cousin about the Meclazine pills, and they also help quickly. Good luck!

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