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Well, I tried everything listed here and more: peroxide, alcohol, witch hazel, nail polish, toothpaste, sunburn gel, listerine, diaper rash cream, epsom salt bath, olive oil, vicks vapo rub, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, Chiggarid, and just plain scratching! Some of these options did absolutely nothing and some helped a little bit. I finally thought, what the heck, I'll try some Chloraseptic and it worked!!!!!!!!! I have been in chigger bite hell until now and I finally have some relief. I figured if it would numb my throat it my numb the bites and it has. Hallelujah!!

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yes but did they go away? will they ever go away. I am ichy ALL OVER AND I MEAN ALL OVER HEAD TO TOES. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.E-MAIL ADDRESS IS


I have try everthing to cream soap lotion EVERYTHING NOTHING SEEM TO HELP IT ITCHY ME TO DEATH


The phenol in the chloraseptic kills the chiggers. Let it sit on the skin for about five minutes to allow the phenol to soak into the skin and it will kill the chiggers.

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